The Trident Replacement Debate

trident launch

On December 4th 2006, the Government published its White Paper on the future of the Trident Missile System, in anticipation of a vote on the issue set for early 2007.

Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had already stated their support for the renewal of the weapons system, set to expire sometime in the 2020s, arguing that the UK needs to maintain its nuclear deterrent and that a decision must be taken now in order to make adequate preparations.

Others, however, argue that the replacement of Trident is unnecessary and undesirable.

Some point to the huge costs involved with the project, estimated to be in excess of £76, 000M, and argue that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Others claim that the replacement of Trident breaks the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty and is thus a contravention of International Law.

Another argument suggests that the days of direct conflict between nation-states are ending, and that Nuclear weapons are obsolete against the cloak-and-dagger threat of international terrorism.

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