Jo: we need to care about carers

Local MP Jo Swinson recently met with a group of carers to discuss the challenges they face looking after loved ones with conditions such as dementia and brain injuries.

The carers were brought together by Carers Link, an organisation that supports carers by offering information, advocacy and solidarity.

All carers at the meeting are caring or have cared for a family member. They discussed what their daily life looks like, how they access support, and their experiences of claiming benefits and carer’s allowance.

Jo said:

“Speaking to the carers vividly illustrated to me how challenging having a family member who needs serious care can be. Carers absolutely need support in this role. It can feel lonely, isolating and stressful, without the workload being added to by complications with claiming benefits and carer’s allowance.

"It’s great that Carers Link is there as a friendly source of advice and support so people don’t feel they’re facing these challenges alone. As our population ages, more of us will take on roles as carers, so we must make sure the right support is in place.”

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