Jo calls for action to re-dual Milngavie line

Local MP Jo Swinson has written to the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson MSP requesting urgent action to improve the Milngavie line.

The poor performance of the line has had a serious determinantal impact on residents of East Dunbartonshire. In ScotRail’s recent performance update, only 28.5% of trains on the line arrived on time, an increase of just 0.5%.

Jo and other local representatives had been due to attend a meeting to discuss Scottish Government support for re-dualing part of the Milngavie line. However, the meeting was cancelled twice and a subsequent rescheduling did not include any MPs or MSPs.

Commenting, Jo said:

"I was disappointed to learn that the SNP Transport Secretary excluded MPs and MSPs from these discussions on how to improve the Milngavie line. This is an extremely important issue to my constituents, and one that requires serious attention from the Scottish Government, not just token gestures.

"Residents of East Dunbartonshire have been forced to deal with unacceptably poor rail services for far too long. Chronic delays, breakdowns and cancellations have caused major disruptions to many people’s commutes and daily lives. People are rightly fed up. It’s time ScotRail and the Scottish Government stop dragging their feet and start getting their acts together.

"I’m hopeful that I will be able to meet with the Transport Secretary soon to discuss how we can work together to give residents the improved rail services they deserve."

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