Liberal Democrats and Home Rule

Liberal Democrats have a long and proud record of supporting Home Rule for Scotland. We were the first party to set out what modern Home Rule for Scotland would look like when in 2012 former Lib Dem Leader Sir Menzies Campbell MP chaired our commission into "Home Rule and Community Rule":

Now we must go further. We need to strengthen the Scottish Parliament to create a sustainable constitutional settlement. Holyrood needs to raise much more of the money it spends through new tax powers. That way we can determine our own destiny on the domestic agenda while retaining the strength and security of the UK.

We have already said we would take forward the recommendations of the Campbell Commission on fiscal federalism for Scotland, including powers for the Scottish Parliament to raise the majority of the money it spends, not least through control of the taxes on incomes and wealth, and assigning to Scotland corporation tax receipts from Scottish businesses.

We will also retain the Barnett Formula as the basis for future spending allocations for Scotland.

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