Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

We are fortunate to live in East Dunbartonshire which boasts some of the lowest crime rates in Scotland, but the negative effects of crime and anti-social behaviour can still be felt here, much like anywhere else. This page is intended to bring together some of my own research into crime and anti-social behaviour in the constituency, as well as offer some practical advice and contact information for those who can help with crime-related issues.

In January 2007 I released the results of a survey I conducted on crime in East Dunbartonshire. The Survey found that a significant portion of those questioned, (28%) felt more at risk from crime than last year. Almost a third (31%) said they felt unsafe going out after dark, and two most common forms of crime were found to be Graffiti (18%) and Anti-Social Behaviour.(18%).

The survey proved to be a highly valuable monitor of public opinion in the constituency, as often official crime statistics do not fully represent the thoughts of individuals. It underlined the importance of effectively representing the constituency in this matter.


Young People, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Crime and anti-social behaviour affect all in the community, not least young people. It is true that some young people commit crime but only around 1% of young people are persistent offenders. The Liberal Democrats believe that young people should be involved in the attempt to reduce youth crime. Young people are more likely to be victims of crime. In fact, according to the Scottish Crime Survey, young people (16-24 years) and young men in particular were three times more likely to be a victim of personal crime than any other age group. These kinds of statistics increase the need for help and information to be available to young people in relation to crime and anti-social behaviour. Below are some useful points of information.

Information, Help & Advice in East Dunbartonshire

Strathclyde Police’s page dedicated to East Dunbartonshire and the North of Glasgow gives local information specific to the area including initiatives to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour as well as events that are upcoming in the area.

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