Issue Updates

Please find below copies of correspondence with external bodies regarding issues which many constituents have raised.

July 2019, Abortion, letter from the Department of Health and Social Care

July 2019, Reuniting Refugee Families, letter from the Home Office

July 2019, Court of Appeal, Saudi Arabia, letter from DIT

July 2019, TV Licence, letter from DCMS

July 2019, Live Exports, letter from DEFRA

June 2019, Registration fees, letter from HCPC

June 2019 - End the cage age, letter from DEFRA

May 2019 - Conflict in Yemen, letter from FCO

May 2019, Letter to Electoral Commission (European elections)

May 2019, Tapered annual allowance, letter from HM Treasury and letter from the Department of Health & Social Care

April 2019 - Food standards, letter from DEFRA

April 2019 - NHS staffing after Brexit, letter from Home Office

April 2019 - Farmed animal welfare, letter from DEFRA

March 2019 - Animal sentience, letter from DEFRA

March 2019 - Abortion law in Northern Ireland, letter from Northern Ireland Office

March 2019 - Christophobia, letter from FCO 

March 2019 - NHS and future trade, letter from DFIT

March 2019 - Future trade agreements, letter from DfIT

March 2019 - Environment, letter from the Scottish Government 

February - Universal Credit, letter from DWP

February 2019 - Meat labelling, letter from DEFRA

February 2019 - Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, letter from DCMS

January 2019 - Food labelling, letter from DEFRA

January 2019 - Environment Bill, letter from DEFRA

January 2019 - Food standards, letter from DEFRA

January 2019 - Occupied Palestinian Territories, letter from FCO

January 2019 - Trophy hunting, letter from DEFRA

January 2019 - Arms exports, letter from FCO

December 2018 - Feed-in-Tariffs, letter from BEIS

November 2018 - Puppy smuggling, letter from DEFRA

November 2018 - Payday lending; letter from HM Treasury

October 2018 - Universal Credit; letter from Minister for Employment

October 2018 - Tax avoidance; letter from HM Treasury

September 2018 - Pensions Dashboard; letter from Minister for Pensions

September 2018 - EpiPen shortages; letters from the UK Government and Scottish Government

August 2018 - Arms sales, letter from DfIT

June 2018 - Cross-party letter on abortion (co-signed by Jo)

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