Survey results

The results of my survey show that Milngavie residents are overwhelmingly opposed to the expansion of Tesco.

  • 66% of respondents think the proposed height of the store is too high
  • 56% do not approve of the proposed size of the new store
  • Most respondents believe the expansion is completely unnecessary and inappropriate for Milngavie, threatening local business, the atmosphere and style of the village, and increasing traffic
  • Many believe they will have difficulty shopping if the store closes down throughout the development and feel it is important that it stays open, particularly elderly people who may be less able to travel to other stores such as ASDA
  • Key issues for residents would be the new store’s effect on other shops, its environmental impact and parking provision

Read the full report.

On 21st December I submitted the report to East Dunbartonshire Council, who are currently considering the planning application, and to the local Tesco headquarters. I will keep you updated as to their response.

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