Phone Masts

Mobile phone base stations, or phonemasts, are a source of considerable debate. Concerns over their siting typically centre around health and aesthetic issues, while people’s increasing use of mobile phones, and particularly new 3G services, constantly drives the need for new masts.

This page is designed to be a helpful resource on phonemasts. There are links below to relevant websites and documents, as well as information on the new proposals for the Scottish planning system.

Public meeting on phonemasts

Modernising the Scottish planning system

The Scottish Executive is currently undertaking a programme to modernise the Scottish planning system. This includes changes to the way in which decisions over the siting of phonemasts are made. The White Paper: Modernising the Planning System, was drawn up to allow people to have their say on the proposed changes through public consultation. The consultation closed on 16th September 2005.

Read ‘Modernising the Planning System’

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Useful links for information about phonemasts

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