November 2010: should we change the clocks to make winter days lighter later?

Jo’s latest e-consultation response has shown that most people in East Dunbartonshire do not support a move to extend daylight saving time.

Jo sought public opinion given the progress of a Bill in Parliament to investigate the potential benefits of advancing time by one hour for all, or part of, the year.

68% of over 200 respondents opposed any move to GMT+1 in winter and GMT +2 in summer, arguing that dark mornings would lead to more dangerous school runs and an increase in SAD. However 32% of respondents were keen to see the proposals carried forward, arguing that an extra hour of daylight after school would encourage children to be more active in winter.

Jo commented:

“During the current dark winter days and nights people are naturally looking forwarding to longer summer days, but this e-consultation has shown that people here don’t think changing the clocks is a solution.

“Although this Bill has received initial approval in Parliament, the opposition to these proposals has been reflected amongst Scottish MPs. It remains to be seen how MPs will decide is the best way to utilise our daylight hours.”

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Notes to Editors

Details of the debate on the Daylight Saving Bill can be found

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