MP secures meeting with government minister over local burglaries

Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday 16 April on the recent gold burglaries in East Dunbartonshire, local MP Jo Swinson secured a meeting with the Minister of State for Security to discuss the need for a UK-wide response to the thefts.

12 gold and cash burglaries of Asian[1] family homes have been reported in East Dunbartonshire since October 2017, and Police Scotland believe that the perpetrators are an organised crime group from south of the border.

Commenting, Jo said:

“These burglaries have brought fear and anxiety to families across the community. Residents deserve a proper co-ordinated response from police forces across the UK to bring those responsible to justice.

“I met last month with Police Scotland and Crimestoppers to discuss what more can be done, and I will continue to push for urgent comprehensive and co-ordinated action when I meet with the Minister in due course.

“I would encourage any constituents who have been affected by the burglaries to contact me by email on, and I will do my best to raise these concerns when I meet with the Minister.

“In the meantime, families in the community should continue to work closely with Police Scotland and report any suspicious behaviour to them.”

Leela Soma, one of the victims of the burglaries, said:

“Police Scotland in East Dunbartonshire are doing their utmost to help the community by holding a series of meetings with the victims and the local community, but there is still widespread fear amongst the Asian community.

“A few were threatened by the ‘gang’ in their own homes and I understand that a seven-year-old child has been traumatised by the criminals breaking into his family home.

“These brazen acts of criminality are shocking. They have changed irrevocably the lives of my family and others, many of whom have had their dearest possessions snatched from them.

“It is good that Jo will have the chance to raise the concerns of the community with the Minister, who I hope will do all that he can to help catch these gangs.”


[1] Note to editor: ‘Asian’ here includes families from the sub-continent as well as from countries in East Asia.

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