Let's get serious about mental health

The Lib Dems believe mental health should not be ignored or stigmatised. It should be taken as seriously as physical health.

1 in 4 people in Scotland will suffer mental illness in their lifetime. We must do more to guarantee people are given the support they need. 

In Scotland, the SNP Government is currently responsible for the delivery of mental health care and we are seeing them fall behind on their own treatment targets.   

In England we are using £400 million to help people with mental health problems get the right support early on, such as talking or psychological therapies.

We are also introducing waiting limits, so people will know for the first time how long they have to wait for mental health treatment.

Here you can read my article on: 

  • The damaging effects of failing to support mental health sufferers
  • What the Liberal Democrats are doing to tackle the stigma attached to mental illness
  • Why the Scottish Government must take this more seriously 

In the Scottish Parliament, Liberal Democrat Jim Hume MSP has been leading the calls for the SNP Government to adopt a different approach to mental health. You can read one of Jim’s excellent articles here.

There are three points of action that I want the SNP Government to take:  

  1. To ensure that mental health is on a legal par with physical health
  2. To guarantee a fair share of investment in mental health services
  3. To deliver on their new waiting time targets  

If you agree then please sign my petition below calling on SNP Ministers to take much needed action on mental health.    

For more information on mental health you can visit the websites of these two charities:  

  1. Mind : www.mind.org.uk/ 
  2. The Scottish Association for Mental Health : www.samh.org.uk
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