Local MP objects to Glasgow Airport flight path changes

MP for East Dunbartonshire Jo Swinson has submitted her formal response to the Glasgow Airport flight path consultation, objecting to the proposed changes.

Jo’s paper was informed by correspondence that she received over the course of the consultation period from residents, most of which centred around concerns about increased noise pollution and the way the consultation process was handled by Glasgow Airport.

The proposed changes would mean flight paths diverging sooner after take-off, which would see planes flying over areas like Kessington and Killermont for the first time.

Commenting, Jo said:

"Glasgow Airport should not proceed with these proposed changes to their departure routes. Overwhelmingly, those who contacted me were worried about the changes, with many residents concerned about the adverse effects that increased aircraft noise would have on their quality of life.

"Like many others, I too was disappointed with the consultation process. Some Bearsden residents did not receive any notification from Glasgow Airport about the consultation. Many people, including a chartered engineer with 18 years of experience in the aerospace industry, found the consultation documents extremely difficult to understand.

"Glasgow Airport must take further steps to outline what mitigation measures they suggest for schools and households that could experience an increase in noise pollution, if the proposals do get approved. However, I hope that residents’ concerns will take priority and that Glasgow Airport will reconsider altogether the proposed flight path changes."

Jo’s full report can be accessed on http://www.joswinson.org.uk/glasgow_airport.

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