New powers coming to the Scottish Parliament

 Current devolved and reserved powers

What are the next powers to be devolved?


The Scotland Act 2012 will deliver new powers to the Scottish Parliament over the next 2 years. The Act has led to the largest transfer of financial control from London to Scotland since the creation of the United Kingdom, meaning the Scottish Parliament is now responsible for raising about a third of its annual budget.

New powers that have already been decided include:

New Stamp Duty Land Tax and Landfill Tax

From April 2015, the Scottish Parliament will become responsible for collecting these taxes.

New borrowing powers

From April 2015, current borrowing powers of up to £500 million will be extended to £2.2billion.

  • A limited version of this power came into force in April 2013 to enable the Scottish Government to access £100m for the Forth Road Crossing

New Scottish rate of Income Tax

From April 2016, a new Scottish rate of Income Tax will be established, meaning the Scottish Parliament has the ability to raise or lower income tax by 10p in the pound.

Other new powers include:

  • the power to introduce new taxes, subject to agreement of the UK Government
  • the power to legislate on matters relating to air weapons 
  • powers relating to the misuse of drugs
  • powers to set regulations for the drink-drive limit
  • powers to set the national speed limit
  • powers relating to the administration of elections to the Scottish Parliament


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