Jo Swinson MP celebrates World Book Day 2018

Thursday 1st March 2018 was the 21st World Book Day. To mark the occasion, local MP Jo Swinson will be donating a copy of her book Equal Power, which was published last month, to each secondary school in East Dunbartonshire.

Commenting, Jo said:

“World Book Day is a chance for all of us to celebrate the joys of reading. In this age of tablets and smartphones, we can all too easily overlook the importance of books.

“Reading broadens our horizons, gives us fresh perspectives on life, and engages our imagination in unique and empowering ways.

“It is vital that we pass on to our children a love of reading. As a child, I adored reading and it’s still one of my greatest pleasures.”

“Equal Power encourages readers to act to challenge gender inequality. My own journey taking action to change the world began at Douglas Academy, so I’m delighted to give my book to each secondary school library in the hope that it will inspire some young people locally to do just that.”

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