Jo Swinson demands improved broadband for Woodilee residents

Local MP Jo Swinson has written to BT Openreach and four developers in a bid to urgently resolve the lack of adequate broadband services in Woodilee Village, Lenzie.

Around 750 out of 900 new homes in Woodilee remain without access to fibre optic broadband. This has been a growing cause of concern among residents, many of whom work from home and depend on the internet for their livelihood. In 2015, residents wrote to officials at BT Openreach, but were subsequently informed that it was not commercially viable to upgrade the service.

Commenting on the issue, Jo said: "It is unacceptable, not to mention short-sighted, for fast broadband services not to be properly planned and installed in a brand new housing estate.  We know how essential good internet service is for modern living, so there really is no excuse. BT and the housing developers must each answer for their part in this failure, and state what they will do to rectify the situation."

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