Grievances aired at Jo's ScotRail meeting

Earlier this month, Jo summoned ScotRail’s managing director to a public meeting in Milngavie. The Milngavie line has been plagued by late and cancelled trains and consistently performs poorly. Most recently it has become the worst in Scotland for trains arriving on time.

At the meeting, local people voiced their frustrations, and discussed how the unreliability of the Milngavie line affects their commutes and journeys. ScotRail’s managing director Alex Hynes spoke about how they are working to improve services.

Jo has been trying to resolve the issue, and recently conducted a survey on people’s experiences taking the Milngavie line. Respondents spoke about hours being added to their journeys, and missing family time due to the unreliability of the rail services:

  • “My train got cancelled while I was on it and had to get off at Partick. It took me three hours to get home on a journey that should have taken half an hour.”
  • “I am unable to get the train that gets me to work at a reasonable time because the 7:32 train is so often delayed, so I have to get the 7:02 to guarantee I get to work on time. This takes half an hour away from my family each day because the 7.32 service is too unreliable.”

Jo said:

“East Dunbartonshire Council and I are set to meet with SNP Transport Secretary Michael Matheson soon, to discuss the merits of re-dualling the line between Milngavie and Westerton. Disappointingly, Michael Matheson has cancelled this meeting twice but I look forward to receiving confirmation that the meeting will be going ahead in the near future.

“Everyone is incredibly frustrated. In my survey, 75% of respondents described the Milngavie line as either ‘poor’ or ‘appalling’. Little wonder, when two thirds of them experience delays at least once a week.

“It was good to have a chance to air our grievances with ScotRail boss Alex Hynes. ScotRail needs to sort this mess out, and if they cannot, the SNP government in Holyrood must end their franchise deal early.”

ScotRail Alliance Managing Director Alex Hynes said:

“We know that the service the people of East Dunbartonshire have experienced in recent months hasn’t been good enough. We have made changes at Westerston, and allowed more time for trains turning round at Milngavie, and both of these have had a positive impact with right time departures improving by 17.5 per cent since December. We are confident that that hard work will result in continued improvement in services in this part of the country.”

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