First Minister Snubs East Dunbartonshire

The Scottish Government did not have to allow the Reporter to decide the appeal – they could have made the decision themselves, as elected representatives. See the following link for more information:

16/02/10 Scottish Government could have stopped Kilmardinny development

I recently wrote to Alex Salmond to ask why his Ministers did not use their power to take the decision on the Kilmardinny appeal themselves, rather than delegating it to a Reporter. You can read my letter here:

11/03/10 Jo Swinson questions First Minister over Kilmardinny decision

You can also read my reaction to his response here:

23/03/10 Alex Salmond’s Kilmardinny response ‘slap in the face’ to community

I believe it is not right that the Scottish Government Reporter, who is an unelected official, should have so much power to override the decisions of our elected Councillors. That is why, after the Reporter issued her Notice of Intention in April 2009, I wrote a letter to Alex Salmond, calling on him to review the planning appeals system in light of this. I sent with the letter a stack of pages from the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald, including articles and printed letters from local people opposing the development, to demonstrate to him how strongly local people feel about this matter. It is not right that the Reporter should be able to go against the will of so many local people in this way.

Read my letter to Alex Salmond in the following release:

03/08/09 Swinson slams “undemocratic” system over Kilmardinny decision

For more information see the following news stories:

24/07/09 MP Jo Swinson urges Alex Salmond to axe reporter’s powers (Milngavie and Bearsden Herald)

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