Environment and Climate Change

The environment and climate change are fast becoming the defining issues of our times. Urgent action is needed. The Liberal Democrat Party is committed to ensuring that the UK meets it’s Kyoto obligations well before the deadline, getting more people onto public transport, and leading the campaign for more renewable energy sources. However, while there is much that policy-makers can and must do, I firmly believe that it is up to each and every individual to try to make a difference. This section of the website provides access to key Liberal Democrat policy on tackling climate change, as well as providing links to related websites and suggests some practical advice on what each person can do to limit the damage we are inflicting upon our environment.

Environmental Audit Committee

Since being elected to Parliament in 2005 I have been a member of the Environmental Audit Committee. This is a select committee of the House of Commons which is responsible for examining how the policies and programmes of government departments and other public bodies contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development. Over the past four years, the Committee has produced reports on a variety subjects, including sustainable housing, international negotiations on climate change, biodiversity, carbon trading, deforestation and biofuels. Members of the public are welcome to attend Committee meetings, and all reports are published on the Committee’s website.


Excess Packaging

People from across the whole country have told me that they are frustrated by the amount of excess packaging they encounter. Card, plastic, foil and glass all contribute to the 4.7 million tonnes of packaging waste disposed of by UK households each year. Consumers are paying for excess packaging three times over: once at the checkout, once in council taxes for refuse or recycling collection and once in the environmental cost in terms of carbon emissions. It makes no environmental sense to over-package products and no economic sense to charge frustrated consumers for packaging they don’t need. This is why, since 2007, I have been leading a campaign against excessive packaging in order to encourage producers and supermarkets to cut down on the volumes of potentially harmful and needless packaging on groceries. Please follow the link below to find out more about my campaign.

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