Issue Updates

Please find below copies of correspondence Jo Swinson MP has received from external bodies regarding issues which many constituents have raised.

March 2019 - Christophobia, letter from FCO 

March 2019 - NHS and future trade, letter from DFIT

March 2019 - Future trade agreements, letter from DfIT

March 2019 - Environment, letter from the Scottish Government 

February - Universal Credit, letter from DWP

February 2019 - Meat labelling, letter from DEFRA

February 2019 - Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, letter from DCMS

January 2019 - Food labelling, letter from DEFRA

January 2019 - Environment Bill, letter from DEFRA

January 2019 - Food standards, letter from DEFRA

January 2019 - Occupied Palestinian Territories, letter from FCO

January 2019 - Trophy hunting, letter from DEFRA

December 2018 - Feed-in-Tariffs, letter from BEIS

November 2018 - Puppy smuggling, letter from DEFRA

November 2018 - Payday lending; letter from HM Treasury

October 2018 - Universal Credit; letter from Minister for Employment

October 2018 - Tax avoidance; letter from HM Treasury

September 2018 - Pensions Dashboard; letter from Minister for Pensions

September 2018 - EpiPen shortages; letters from the UK Government and Scottish Government

June 2018 - Cross-party letter on abortion (co-signed by Jo)

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