A Better Deal for Pensioners

“East Dunbartonshire has a growing elderly population. Our plans for a Citizen’s Pension will help local people by giving them a decent pension as a right. My generation owes a huge amount to pensioners who lived through economic depression, world war, and rationing, to give us the country we have today.”


The Citizens’ Pension

Our pensions system is overly complicated, unfair and far too low. The Liberal Democrats have long championed a simplified, universal Citizen’s Pension, based on residency. The out-dated system of basing pensions on national insurance contributions unfairly discriminates against women who have taken breaks from work to bring up children or care for relatives.

As part of the coalition government we have restored the link between pensions and earnings, so older people’s living standards don’t fall behind the rest of the population. We have also introduced a ‘triple-lock’ so that pensions will always increase by the greatest of earnings, inflation or 2.5%. This change will make all pensioners substantially better off over time.

The Liberal Democrats also want to boost private savings, with all employees being automatically enrolled in non-state pensions, with a right to opt out. The Pensions minister, Liberal Democrat Steve Webb, has launched a review of the best way to introduce auto enrolment.

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Could you be entitled to a boost to your pension?

Jo visits the Monday Club, September 2008

  • Have you reached pension age in the last ten years? (Are you a woman in your 60s or a man aged 65-74?)
  • Are you currently drawing a basic state pension of less than the maximum figure of £87.30 per week?
  • Were you of working age for one or more years from 1996-97 to 2001-02 and didn’t pay a year of National Insurance contributions?

I am asking local pensioners who have retired within the last 10 years to contact me to check whether they are eligible for extra money through a little-publicised government scheme. The scheme allows pensioners to fill ‘gaps’ in their record of National Insurance contributions, sometimes at no cost to themselves. Click on the news story below to find out more, and please do get in touch with me if you think you may be eligible.

11/10/07 Cash windfall could await local pensioners

Are you missing out on Pension Credit?

Figures obtained from the Department of Work and Pensions show that as many as 3000 pensioners in East Dunbartonshire could be missing out on Pension Credit money that is rightfully theirs. Around 450,000 people in Scotland are eligible for Pension Credit, but almost 90,000 of them are missing out by not claiming for it. Please click on the link below for more information to find out whether you could be eligible for Pension Credit.

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Axe the Tax

Council Tax is a deeply unfair system which was brought in by the Tories and continued by Labour. The Liberal Democrats believe it is an unfair tax because it is not based on people’s ability to pay. This means that people on fixed incomes, such as pensioners, are hit particularly hard. We would replace the Council Tax with a Local Income Tax which is based on people’s ability to pay. For more information on our Axe the Tax campaign, please visit the campaign website:

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Fuel Poverty

As of 2009, 850,000 households in Scotland are living in fuel poverty, a problem which disproportionately affects the elderly. Liberal Democrat proposals to tackle fuel poverty include action to ensure that the cheapest retail prices are available to the most vulnerable customers. This means acting in conjunction with regulator Ofcom to eliminate the higher prices paid by customers on pre-payment meters, compared to those people who have access to internet direct debit tariffs. The following links details some of my actions on fuel poverty.

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