350 – a campaign for international action on climate change

350 is a an international campaign to get world leaders to pay attention to the science of climate change, and to make a deal at the December 2009 international conference on climate change in Copenhagen which meets the demands of science and justice. On 24th October 2009, an international day of action was held to draw attention to the campaign’s demands, with over 5200 events happening all over the world.

Visit the 350 website for more information on the international campaign.

East Dunbartonshire’s 350 campaign

I decided it was important for East Dunbartonshire to be a part of the campaign, and so I organised for messages on climate change from people all over East Dunbartonshire to be delivered directly to the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, on a special 350 campaign tree. To find out what was involved in the campaign and how it went, please see the news stories and photos below.

I’d like to thank everyone who lent their support to the 350 campaign, including Bishopbriggs Brownies, pupils at the High School of Glasgow, Atholl Prep School and everyone who came down to The Hub and Bearsden Burgh Hall on 24th October to give me their climate change messages. 

Jo’s news stories on the 350 campaign

23/11/09 PM responds to East Dunbartonshire’s climate message

12/11/09 Jo takes East Dunbartonshire’s message to Downing Street

26/10/09 East Dunbartonshire’s climate message to PM

09/10/09 International day of climate action comes to East Dunbartonshire

The Prime Minister’s Response

Shortly after I delivered the tree to 10 Downing Street I received a two-page letter from Gordon Brown:

Read the Prime Minister’s response – page 1

Read the Prime Minister’s response – page 2

Read my reactions to Gordon Brown’s letter

Photo Gallery


The messages were initially added to a real tree



They were then transferred to this paper version before heading to Parliament

Jo with the messages in Parliament Square en route to Downing Street

Jo with the tree in front of Number 10 

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