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The Council met on Wednesday 27 March to decide what is should do next after a period of informal consultation which ended in February.  Four options from the original proposals will be taken forward to the next stage of statutory consultation.

The Council agreed to move to statutory consultation in May of this year on the merger of Lenzie and Lenzie Moss Primary Schools on the Lenzie Moss site in Lenzie and Woodhill and Auchinairn Primary Schools on the Woodhill Primary site in Bishopbriggs.

The Council also agreed to move to statutory consultation in August of this year on the merger of St Joseph’s and St Andrew’s Primary Schools on the current St Andrew’s Primary School site in Bearsden and St Agatha’s and St Flannan’s Primary Schools on the St Flannan’s Primary site in Kirkintilloch.

The Council also decided to carry out an additional informal consultion which will include:


As alternatives to the proposals to merge Meadowburn, Balmuildy and Wester Cleddens Primary Schools, consider alternative options to either:
– Merge Balmuildy and Meadowburn Primary Schools in a new build on the existing Balmuildy Primary site or the existing Meadowburn site, incorporating an enhanced Gaelic Unit; or
– Merge Balmuildy and Wester Cleddens Primary Schools in a new build school on the existing Balmuildy Primary site


As an alternative to the Westerton and Colquhoun merger in a new build on the Colquhoun Park site, consider an alternative option to merge the two primary schools in a new build on the Westerton Primary school.


As an alternative to the merger of Gartconner, Oxgang, Hillhead and Harestanes Primary Schools, consider options to merge, in new build schools:
– Hillhead Primary with Oxgang Primary; and
– Gartconner Primary with Harestanes Primary.

This additional consultation in Kirkintilloch will include options for Merkland School (both primary and secondary provision).

Full details can be found at  These are based on the findings of IBP’s analysis of the responses to the informal consultation.  You can read IBP’s report at

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“I’m sure many local parents are breathing a sigh of relief as some of the most controversial plans for local schools have been dropped, such as the merger of Bearsden and Castlehill Primaries and the suggestion of building on the playing field near Westerton Hall.  I very much welcome the fact that my colleagues on the Council have responded to the concerns raised during the informal consultation.

However the proposal for the Council to move to a formal consultation on the merger of St. Andrew’s and St. Joseph’s at the St Andrew’s site will be understandably disappointing for parents keen for their children to receive a Catholic education in Milngavie. 

Most people I spoke to welcomed the opportunity to create a state-of-the-art school in Lenzie so moving to formal consultation on the merger of Lenzie and Lenzie Moss Primaries seems sensible.  Further consultation about options for Balmuildy and Meadowburn also makes sense, but I think the Council is missing a trick by only considering the benefits of Wester Cleddens merging with Balmuildy, not Woodhill.

I’m frankly puzzled by the Council report’s recommendation to progress with the merger proposal for Woodhill and Auchinairn Primaries.  Not only did this receive very little support from the school communities, but  many parents from Woodhill and Wester Cleddens had raised the possibility of merging those two schools as a better alternative.  I can’t understand why the Bishopbriggs Councillors did not reflect this in discussions and ensure this other option was fully explored. 

Personally I am very surprised that the Labour Councillors for Woodhill and Auchinairn did not argue for alternative options to be considered, as Councillors have done in other parts of East Dunbartonshire.  Parents had suggested to me that a merger between Woodhill and Wester Cleddens would be more suitable in terms of distance, and I feel strongly that this should have been fully explored. 

The views of the Councillors for each school area were especially important in the Council’s decision-making, so why did the local Labour representatives not speak up more strongly for our area?

I urge you to participate in the formal consultation process when it starts in a few weeks’ time.  It will last for several months and it is really important the local views are well represented.”

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